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"More Heroes" - Spotlight on Punk: Richard Hell & The Voidoids by Luca Morettini Paracucchi -April 9, 20200185 richard hell & the voidoids "More Heroes" is a column dedicated to the discovery of the biggest names that have made the history of punk, many of

'I just wish that more energy were used to protest the real culprits of misogyny and sexism, rather than punk bands,' one fan wrote, as if the two are mutually exclusive The Casualties When I was a teenager, I often went to

50 years ago the nation was shocked by violence which accompanied our first true youth culture. One man at the notorious Brighton brawl looks back on the chaos The bank holiday began with tourists flocking to the coast but ended with

RON  RON WATTS PUNK PROMOTER Friday 17th November 2006, 30 years since Punk detonated, and I had the pleasure of sharing a few drinks with Ron Watts in my home. Ron promoted many of the early bands, and organised the now legendary

MODS OF YOUR GENERATION·WEDNESDAY, 24 JULY 2019·   SAM QURESHI is an Alto Saxophonist and Composer of Jazz, Mod Bossa & Latin soul. He was born in Pakistan, grew up in Birmingham and has lived in Manchester since 1997. He is a

From its emergence in the 1970s, punk rock was a movement which concerned itself with the present. Its hallmarks were rock ‘n’ roll, a do-it-yourself attitude and a good sense of humor. As it spread from the U.S. to the

Image captionChuck D on The Clash: "They taught us to fight for what really matters". When Public Enemy frontman Chuck D was introduced to the righteous punk of The Clash, he didn't get it. "I thought they were a bunch of people