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Mods Of Your Generation Interview - Irish Jack Lyons - 40th Anniversary Of Quadrophenia MODS OF YOUR GENERATION·FRIDAY, 28 SEPTEMBER 2018· Mods Of Your Generation conducted an interview with the legendary “Irish” Jack Lyons to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Quadrophenia the

British punk singer Peter Bywaters 'deported from America for impersonating Donald Trump'  

https://youtu.be/zBeeZVd6urI Taken from The Guardian newspaper We’re racist, we’re racist. And that’s the way we like it.” Just in case there was any possibility that the group of Chelsea hooligans were preventing a man from boarding a train on the Paris

Life on Standby Alternative Electronic Rock About Life on Standby? Erin Donnachie: Erin’s interest in Music started at a young age learning piano and later singing in choirs and jazz bands. It was when she was approached by Gianluca and Gavin to join

Xtraverts The Xtraverts formed in 1976 at the outbreak of the punk movement. Creating music in a garage belonging to the guitarist Mark Reilly (Matt Bianco). Playing classic venues such as the Roxy, Clarendon, the Greyhound and all over Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and