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50 years ago the nation was shocked by violence which accompanied our first true youth culture. One man at the notorious Brighton brawl looks back on the chaos The bank holiday began with tourists flocking to the coast but ended with

RON  RON WATTS PUNK PROMOTER Friday 17th November 2006, 30 years since Punk detonated, and I had the pleasure of sharing a few drinks with Ron Watts in my home. Ron promoted many of the early bands, and organised the now legendary

Lesbian Punk Girls Brixton in the ’80s was home to a group of radical lesbians who mixed sexual politics with squat culture. Meet the group calling themselves the ‘Rebel Dykes’ In the early 1980s, young gay women, many still teenagers, gravitated to

Todd Youth (Warzone, Murphy’s Law, etc) reportedly passed away by Andrew Sacher October 27, 2018 2:25 PM Todd Youth passes away, a huge loss to the Punk Rock community worldwide NYHC legend Todd Youth, who played in Agnostic Front, Warzone, Murphy’s Law, D

Symarip Skinhead Moonstomp album cover Skinhead Moonstomp Symarip album cover. Tickets Monty Neysmith: ‘I came up with the idea of turning Pyramids around and you leave out the ‘d’. So originally it was spelt Simaryp. I don’t know how it came to be

My mum, the punk pioneer: Poly Styrene’s daughter remembers the X-Ray Spex leader Six years since her death, the punk singer remains hugely influential. Her daughter reflects on learning ‘the family business’, how fame nearly broke her mother – and why

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