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Immortal Machinery

“Immortal Machinery were formed in the winter of 2013, fuelled by a desire to make dark, melodic and uncompromising music.  The trio first met at a gig in central London in 2011, and spent the next two years jamming, experimenting and doing occasional bits of session work. After taking up writing his own songs, guitarist and vocalist Steph K soon became absorbed with the menacing sounds of Danzig, Type O Negative and the Misfits. Fused with bassist Mat G’s jazz sensibilities and drummer Tom S’s hard-hitting grooves, they soon found themselves making their own brand of sinister rock’n’roll. They are due to release their first album At the End of Time on 27th February 2015  – its lead single is set to feature an appearance from one of thrash metal’s Big 4 lead guitarists. Until then, they can be reached on Facebook and on twitter with @immrtlmchnry Their early demo work 

Immortal Machinery at the 229 Club, Great Portland Street

Supported by the newly-started record label Roxeavy Music, Immortal Machinery continue to perform up and down the country. They also host their own self-promoted gigs in London, with the aim of promoting other underground bands who share their ethos. If you are interested in playing at one of their shows, send a private message to their facebook page or email