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Mods Of Your Generation Interview - Author Claire Mahoney - Welsh Mod: Our Story MODS OF YOUR GENERATION·FRIDAY, 28 JUNE 2019 This is a first book from Claire Mahoney and a first about the roots and the revival of the mod subculture

Wimbledon tennis champion Fred Perry Mod lad London At far-right rallies across the U.S., an English tennis champion named Fred Perry hovers, invisible to the men unwittingly representing him. For the last two years, members of the Proud Boys cult of masculinity

The Miyuki-zoku: Japan’s First Ivy Rebels The first Japanese to adopt elements of the Ivy League Look were a youth tribe called the Miyuki-zoku, who suddenly appeared in the summer of 1964. The group’s name came from their storefront loitering on

Last week, anti-gentrification protesters took to the streets of London’s East End as part of a series of parades organised by the anarchist group Class War. One of their targets, the Cereal Killer Cafe, was bombed with paint and scrawled with

Is the Hipster a naturally organic manifestation of fashion, or was it a planned style to normalize the beard, not seen in mens fashion since the pre-punk days of the early 1970's ? More than 10 years later, the consequences of the

Sharpies, or sharps, are the darlings of Australian gang fashion. They started out in the 1960s when groups of working-class teenagers in Melbourne, and to a lesser extent, Sydney, came together over cars, tattoos, fights, and "dressing sharp." While US-style

Ben Sherman sold to Marquee Brands Fashion brand, a staple for mods and worn by the Who, the Jam and the Specials, sold to US company backed by US private equity firm

Suggs (Graham McPherson) of Madness wears a Ben Sherman shirt in this early 1980s photograph also featuring bandmate Mike Barson (left).

Ben Sherman, the struggling British clothing brand sported by successive generations of rock stars from the Who and the Jam to Oasis, is hoping to make a comeback after being snapped up by a private equity-backed firm.

We Reported The death of Ben Sherman in 2012

Marquee Brands, controlled by the US investment group Neuberger Berman, is buying the loss-making business for £41m from its current owner, Oxford Industries, also based in the US.

Analysis Ben Sherman now a safe choice but history could help its relaunch
Clothing brand’s mod pedigree, with the right spin, could appeal to a new generation hungry for the latest retro look

It is the latest change in ownership for Ben Sherman, a company whose shirts were a staple of the golden age of UK youth cults, worn by mods in the 60s and later adopted by that movement’s various offshoots including skinheads, suedeheads and rude boys.