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  /  Archive Posts   /  Great Skinhead Reunion Brighton, Big 6. 2016

Great Skinhead Reunion Brighton, Big 6. 2016

Tickets for 2016 are available HERE


INFA RIOT Punk – Oi! 1982 Legends   






TEAR UP from Watford, A brand new young oi! act

Dekkertones a leading British Ska Tribute act, to get the party started

PISTONES  (Finland)


Facebook Event page

Bands and DJ’s wishing to perform, all info and enquiries, contact Symond at subcultz@gmail.com

Video made in 2013

The Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton, www.subcultz.com

The Great Skinhead Reunion Brighton Every Year, the first weekend of June, Skinheads come from across the globe to Brighton seafront. for full event details go to www.subcultz.com

Posted by Skinhead Reunion Brighton on Saturday, 2 April 2016


The line-up maybe subject to change, as so many band members and dj’s are involved. Babies coming along, alcohol, world wars and famine can be unforeseen, but the Great Skinhead Reunion, is more about coming to Brighton to see all your friends and making some more, for 3 full days of mayhem.


Add to your experience, by getting a room in our Skinhead only hotels. Conveniently located, with a short walk to the venue, and no moaning neighbours to worry about. The rooms vary in size and cost, to fit your needs. all within an easy walk to the skinhead reunion venue. We have hotels exclusive to the Great Skinhead Reunion guests and bands.  Party party !! please email subcultz@gmail.com with your requirements, to be booked into the Skinhead Hotels

For those on a low budget, its worth checking Hostels and campsites, but my advice, is to get in the reserved hotels, for a nice stress free, clean and comfortable holiday in Brighton.


Brighton is situated on the south coast of England, approximately one hour from London. London Gatwick is the nearest airport. There are regular direct trains and National Express buses. The next nearest is Heathrow,  There are also direct trains from Luton Airport . Its advised not to fly to Stansted, as this is a long way, and you risk losing valuable drinking time

The nearest ferry port serving mainland Europe is Newhaven -Dieppe . Newhaven is about 20 min drive to Brighton. Dover is about 2 hours to Brighton

PARKING ZONES – one of the worst aspects of Brighton, is a lack of affordable parking. my advice is to use street parking on the suburbs of Brighton, its a reasonably safe place. a good bus service will take you into brighton centre (churchill square) and a short walk from there to the sea front. worth allowing the extra hours work, to save yourself serious parking charges

All Event Enquiries email Symond at subcultz@gmail.com. phone (uk) 07733096571

The Facebook community group Facebook group

Facebook page

Brighton can lay claim to being a big part of the birth of Skinheads. During the Mods and Rockers battles of the 1960’s when London lads would descend on the South Coast for bank holidays to Peacock and cause ‘Bovver’ the term Skinhead was born, to describe the short haired Mods.

Becoming probably the biggest and longest standing of all the youth fashion subcultures, Skinhead has matured and now become a worldwide community. Distinctly recognized by almost military shaven head, boots and braces. The real skinhead is a working class product of the British council estate ‘salt of the earth character’ fiercely proud of his identity,with an obsession for clothing, style and music, equaled only with his love of beer.

On the first weekend of every June, since 2011, Brighton has seen an ever increasing number of Skinheads and their lovely Skinhead Girls invade Brighton. Boots, Braces, pristine clothing and a cheeky smile. Attracting scene members from right across the globe, to Madeira Drive, overlooking the beach. A full three days of Skinhead related entertainment is laid on. DJ’s playing hyper rare vinyl, from the early days of Jamaican Ska, through to modern day Street Punk and Oi. Live bands hit the stage of the Volks bar each night. With various aftershows happening until the early hours, to keep the party buzzing.


Infa Riot were formed in 1980 (not 1979 as published incorrectly in other biographies/CD booklets) by Barry D’Amery and Lee Wilson, after becoming friends with the Angelic Upstarts at the Lordship pub in Wood Green north London.

Lee’s brother, Floyd Wilson was recruited to play Bass. Barry and Floyd were only
15yrs old at the time and Lee was 17. Over the three or so years they were together they had a total of six drummers, one of them being the brilliant Alex Cardarelli who went on to join the Upstarts and Bad Manners and is in the new line up along with Lee and Barry.

Their first gig was at the Lordship supporting the Upstarts. They then went on to support them on a UK tour.
Two tracks were recorded for the “Strength Thru Oi!” compilation album in 1981 which reached No.51 in the national album chart.
Soon to follow was their first single “Kids of the 80’s” produced by Max Splodge which reached No.8 in the UK indie charts.
In 1982 the second single entitled “The Winner” was released which reached No.9 in the UK indie chart.
Also that year The track “Power” was recorded for the “Wargasm” compilation album and the debut album Still Out Of Order was released and spent a month in the national chart reaching No.42 receiving a top notch review in melody maker. This was followed by tours with the Exploited and also a one off trip to Greece to play in Athens.

In 1983, after pressure from the record company following trouble at gigs and negative press, they were “advised” to tone down the image and change their name to the Infa’s. (Mensi’s nickname for them at the time).
This seemed to spell the end for them as they felt they were no longer in control of the music which the fans loved and wanted to here so they reluctantly called it a day.

A couple of years later a comeback gig was organised. Unfortunately the drummer at the time thought it would be a great idea to get totally pissed to the point where he could barely stand before going on stage and let the rest of the band down badly.
And that was the end of Infa Riot……….UNTIL NOW….


Back for a 2nd year at the Great Skinhead reunion, due to huge demand, and the fact their set was cut short in 2014, due to over running by earlier bands. The Rough Kutz where formed by Hazza (Hammond organ), Brigga (vocals) and Rat (guitar) in 1994. The band changed the band line-up over the years, the current line-up consists of four other members; Mucka (vocals), Tony (bass), Sean (lead guitar) and yatesy(drums). The first studio album, A Bit O’ Rough was released in 1998 on Antwerp-based ska label Skanky ‘Lil Records. After this release the band began touring Europe. They released second album Welcome to our World in 2002 and, in 2006, followed with Another Week Another War. On this album Roddy Radiation from The Specials played guest lead guitar.[1] In 2006, they also performed a European tour with Radiation on guitar.in 2010 the roughkutz released their fourth album gangsters playground on rk records.in 2012 the roughkutz recorded a version of the specials song rude boys outa jail, for the specialized charity album in aid of the teenage cancer trust.they performed live at the cd launch gig in the home of two tone records,coventry,and once again performed with specials lead guitarist roddy radiation.


One of the biggest bands on the European Skinhead scene from Germany Stomper 98 are confirmed for the great skinhead reunion in Brighton England june 3-4-5th 2016. Brighton is seen as a birthplace of the skinhead subculture, with mods and rockers fighting on the beaches in 1964, by 1967 the skinhead had spread across the uk, a solid British working class subculture. Saturday afternoon saw mobs of skinheads fighting for their territory and team on the football terraces, by night, Stomping to Jamaican reggae, wearing the cutting new clothing of quality British design and cloth, handmade leather shoes and boots. After a dip came the rebirth, with the aggro Boot Boys and explosion of Punk Rock from 76, the Sham Army. 79 saw the 2tone revolution, bringing the Punk and Reggae sounds together. By 1980, the largest number of skinheads in history were on the streets of Britain. Then came a backlash against the middle class system, which had controlled the people for centuries, this music was known as Oi! Music. Direct action through music. As riots spread across the UK skinheads scared the government, an army of angry disenfranchised street kids, ready to Ruck. Margaret thatcher put a ban on oi music, clubs and pubs refused skinheads entry, record shops took the vinyl from the shelves. The SPG ( police) Attacked Skinheads across the country . But we refused to die. We went underground, created our own scene, our own clubs, promoted by fanzines and word of mouth. ‘skinheads, a way of life’ like martyrs through the centuries. a faith, which is stronger than any latest fashion. So by the mid 80’s Skinheads were popping up across the planet, fed by the media scare stories, of the anti Christ. By photographic images and books. But also by skinhead bands playing around the globe, for a few beers and a hot dog. Gone are the days of territorial violence and racial conflict. The political infighting designed to divide and destroy, thrown aside. What’s now, is a world wide community, living A skinhead way of life. Every year we celebrate the skinhead subculture, in all its positive eras. From 60’s ska to 21st century oi! And with that, We invite Selective bands each year to come represent their country and scene. We are very pleased to announce Stomper 98 from Germany will be performing at the Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton,


6 piece Ska band from Ireland. Having played together in various different bands The Hacklers formed in late 2014 and started writing original material, and with their  much anticipated debut album due for release in 2016 things are on the up for the Hacklers. Recently back from touring Germany and upcoming dates planned for the U.K. it’s a must to catch their energetic live shows.


Massive welcome back to Grade 2.  

Hailing from the Oi heartland of the Isle of White. First formed after Sid and the lads had come to the Great Skinhead Reunion in Brighton as fresh faced 15 year olds. Inspired they set about writing a set of songs to perform, on a promise. Going down a storm the following year, they set off onto the European Festival circuit, and are a credit to both the Uk and worldwide Skinhead subculture, picking up a strong fanbase across the world.



Hailing from Watford England. Tear Up are  a young energetic band, with a 21st century Oi attitude, as part of our policy of bringing young bands into the scene. This is a band you dont want to miss in a small venue. performing an outstanding set for us at the Great Northern Skinhead Gathering, they are now set for Brighton 2016


 A great band representing Finland The Pistones will be joining the great skinhead reunion line up for 2016. Members have been regular attenders of the reunion for the last 3 years.The Pistones are a four piece band formed in Helsinki, Finland in 2009.Band’s music is a good mix of punk, mod, Oi! and classic rock & roll.They have released one 7″ ep and one full lenght album “Eyes Over The City”.New 7″ will be released during spring 2016.The Pistones have been described as a great live band; they are widely knownfor their energetic and tight playing and catchy tunes.


The DekkerTones: 8 piece band livening up crowds with Ska, Trojan, RockSteady, and a little 2Tone for good measure with energy and heartfelt authenticity. One of the most popular of the Ska tribute acts currently performing, as part of our regular knees up bands we like to get the party started with a set of all your favourites

Gary Olas, The Upsetter

Olas has been hosting our Friday nights since the first Reunion.Old school vinyl sound system playing the best in all types of reggae with gigs all over the world. This is also runs the OLAS BOSS REGGAE RADIO SHOW. Twice a week OLAS BOSS does two internet radio shows, Wednesday at 7pm until 9pm playing the very best in roots and dub reggae across all time dates. The later Wednesday, from 9pm till midnight, show is boss reggae/rocksteady/ska – two tone at ten for fifteen minutes – then at 11pm, the world famous Dabble Under the Duvet. An hour of the finest old school lovers rock. All genres of reggae are covered over the two shows. You can also listen again at any time. the radio site iswww.channelradio.co.uk. OLAS BOSS REGGAE RADIO SHOW. 

Barry ‘Bmore Mcvowty’

From the Wycombe skinheads, been active in the skinhead scene since 1979. One of the very best DJ’s, with a wide knowledge of eclectic music. Dont miss Bmore performing as he spins. And dont be surprised with what hits the decks, Bmore plays from the soul!

Lilli Rudies

From Marceille in France, Cecile ‘Lili Rudies’ will be spinning some boss reggae vinyl. Lovely to have a real Skinhead Girl on board


SkavooVie! .. Infectious SKA Beats and Killer Diller Rocksteady rhythms. WHERE? Currently enjoying a monthly residency at Upstairs at the Mez, 4th Saturday of the month. Serious SKA choons on original 45’s from the vinyl vaults of Blue Beat, Studio One, Dr. Bird, Top Deck, Treasure Isle and many more…Scorchers!!!

A regular and key player in Brighton, with a record collection, most DJ’s would die for.

Weekend tickets are available at www.subcultz.com



Lee Evans. Has been around the London scene, longer than red buses. From the Wycombe Skinheads, Lee was a well known face DJ’ing around London in the 80’s with bands like the Riffs and Hotknives, Desmond Dekker and Laural Aitkin shows, to his credit. Now running regular DRC nights

Martin Long.. From Portsmouth. Martin has been a long term skinhead and very active in the skinhead and scooter scene for many years, and its a pleasure to have had him play for us in 2015, so he will be back for 2016

Very special guest Phil Templar, from New York city

Rob ‘Double Barrell’ Powell. Is active on the London circuit and Carnaby Street skins, and  Elephants head meet ups of the modern day. And his only fools and scooters events. Playing a cross section of skinhead related tunes

Hannah-Rae Phillips will be joining us for her first time as DJ. Regular attendee, she is stepping up to the mark, to join our DJ Crew for 2016


Very active on the Brighton Reggae Scene, Terry will be joining the Great Skinhead Reunion team for 2016

Javato Tough Times. As part of the Great Skinhead Reunion ethics, of linking up, and giving opportunity to active scene members across the world, we are proud to present Javato from SpainA selector from Valencia, i put Ska, Rocksteady and Soul in vinyl. I organize parties in my city and i play my records in other citys like Castellon, Barcelona and Girona and in some festivals like Sunset festival and Rototom Sunsplash 2015. In love with Jamaican music and oldies, the best music for dancing and drinking all night.

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