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Compared to European and North american, the emergence of Mexican Skinhead Culture is more recent, but we consider it one of the largest and most established in Latin America

There are no clubs dedicated to Jamaican music regularily, but the gigs are held in various locations tailored just for the night. Despite this, we had the oppertunity to see international dj’s such as Alphonso Sacristan and Lola Diez, Jim mFox, Tommy Rock a shacka, Ryan White, Mark Morales and Hot Sound System, Ash Aquarious, Tiny T, Malene Soulful and jurassic Sound System, sharing the stage with our own Mexican DJ’s who are increasingly building their collection of Jamaican music for our entertainment.

The mexican scene is not only limited to sound systems, live shows with a long list of artists who continue to visit our country, playing their songs in the largest venues in the country, or in small clubs adapted for the event, giving a nice intimate event for a loyal following.

Artists thast have performed in Mexico range from the Jamaican classics, like the Skatalites, Desmond Decker, Max Romeo and Uroy, british 2tone bands The Selector, Babmanners. third wave  bands like the Aggrolites,Toasters, Los Intocables, The Slackers, Skalariak, Tokyo ska Paradise Orchestra, Skaparapid and many more.

Recently we have had Roy Ellis and Los Grenadians participating in a festival to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Skinhead Subculture. a very  Memorable show last December by The Stranger Cole. This festival was organised by, and for skinheads

Many people throughout the whole republic come to enjoy the great events, as there are fans all over the country. The Majority of shows happen in the Capital, Mexico City

Thanks to Daisy Uribe, aka Jamaican Jukebox

If you heading for the sun stop off in Mexico City

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