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San Francisco Story

Bay Area Skinhead Scene by Pete/Suburban Rebels Fanzine As of right now and the past couple years, it is slowly expanding. I moved to San Francisco about 5 years ago from New Jersey and since I’m here now, I will keep this about the San Francisco Oi! scene only. The first Skin I saw on the streets was a loose canon named Jessie. He had a cross tattooed on his forehead and lived on the streets. I didn’t get to know him very well because I got word that he had passed away. So, I thought I may not meet another Skinhead again. As I started going to shows, I started to discover West Coast Oi! bands and meet other skins that lived in the Bay Area. Some of the local bands are Pressure Point (Sacramento), Harrington Saints, Reducers SF, Hounds and Harlots, Sydney Ducks, and the Old Firm Casuals. Pressure Point and Reducers SF are veterans of the scene around here. Sydney Ducks will soon take over the world and the Old Firm Casuals are taking over as we speak. Cock Sparrer has rolled through here twice and the Business come along every now and then. Slick 46 and Control are some other bands I can remember playing about. Powerhouse Productions (Black and Blue takeover SF) is a night where some Oi! is spinned. Along with hardcore and whatever else they are playing. Lars and Casey from the Old Firm Casuals DJ.

Faces pop up here and there from the Bay Area at shows but there aren’t a whole lot of Skins in the City. Then all of a sudden, Skinheads were popping out of the woodwork. New faces and old faces that started even adopting the Skinhead style and look. But there still is not enough of us! When, the Old Firm Casuals started up things started kicking off. I started Suburban Rebels , which is an Oi!/Skinhead zine around January this year because”we” needed something for our communtiy. I want more bands to come to San Francisco and have things really go off! It started off real small but the zine is starting to grow. I’ve had Roger Miret from Agnostic Front, Mike from Pressure Point, and currently Lars, Hounds and Harlots, and a super good band from Tacoma, called Noi!se.years to come. getting bigger in. I’m on my 3rd issue and I’mplanning a fourth issue with some NYC bands and possibly Stomper 98. I promote shows and I’m even starting to do flyers for people. The Traditional Skinhead scene is pretty big around here. A lot of reggae DJ nights and performers come through. There’s even a tattooer that does a lot of my Skin tats. He’s an oldschool Trad Skinhead. Dannyboy at Let It Bleed. So, we have a small concentrated scene that’s starting to break out.

We have touring bands from both East and West coast uniting the scene across the USA

Check out San Fransisco, if your on the West coast, and support our scene.

Pete Markowicz

Cheers to TWISC Germany for submitting.

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