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Brian Pollihan RIP

Here’s a pic of us playing together. Brian is on the left, playing guitar. You can crop him out if you’d like. Whatever you want to do with the photo is fine. This was Last Year’s Youth, taken in 1997 in St. Louis, opening for Red Alert at the S.L.O.P. Fest (St. Louis Oi! & Punk Festival).

9 years ago today, from a tragic accident, many of us in St. Louis and around the world lost a good friend, Brian Pollihan. Brian was like a skinhead little brother to me starting in 1993. Being 5 years my junior, we often joked about being “NAMBLA Skins”, haha! We first met around 1990, I suppose it was, and he was an impressive little upstart! He really had the spirit, he was the real deal. I moved away for a few years, we re-connected after I moved back in ’93 and became fast friends. We flew to the DC Skinhead Weekend thing together in ’94 and started Last Year’s Youth as soon as we returned home. LYY was our band, it was me and him.