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Punk 45. The Singles Cover Art of Punk 1976-80

The best punk singles record covers – in pictures
Punk 45: The Singles Cover Art of Punk 1976-80 is a collection of punk’s seven-inch sleeves, whose distinctively DIY designs encapsulated the attitude at the heart of the musical genre. Co-edited by Jon Savage and Stuart Baker, the book includes interviews with some of the designers whose use of montage, Day-Glo colours and hand lettering created the punk aesthetic. For Savage, it was the single, not the album, that was the perfect format for the succinct speediness of the music (“A lot of punk songs were two minutes or under,” he says), and here he describes some of his favourite covers of the era

Xray Spex , The World turned Dayglo

This book is a revelatory guide to hundreds and hundreds of original 7” record cover sleeve designs – visual artefacts found at the heart of the most radical and anarchistic musical movement of the 20th century. Punk Rock 45 Soundsystem! is introduced (and co-compiled) by Jon Savage, author of the acclaimed definitive history of punk, England’s Dreaming. As well as the encyclopaedic visual imagery featured inside, the book also includes a number of interviews with celebrated designers involved in creating punk’s original iconic imagery. The revolutionary do-it-yourself ethic of punk was applied to the aesthetic of design as much as it was to music, and record sleeves acted as lo-fi signifiers of anarchy, style, fashion, politics and more with an urban and suburban invective courtesy of the 1000s of new bands – punk, post-punk, pre-punk, nearly-punk and more – that emerged at the end of the 1970s. This book is an exhaustive, thorough and exciting celebration of the stunning artwork of punk music – everything from the most celebrated and iconic designs through to the stark beauty of the cheapest do-it-yourself lo-fi obscurities.

Punk record covers: Punk Record covers x ray spex
X-Ray Spex: The Day the World Turned Day-Glo
Jon Savage: “A perfect fusion of music and image.”

Blitzkrieg bop , The Ramones

Punk record covers: Punk record covers Ramones
Ramones: Blitzkreig Bop
Design by John Holmstrom of Punk magazine. “A very good example of their cartoon format.”
Photograph: Soul Jazz Books

Sex Pistols, God Save The Queen, Picture sleeve

Sex Pistols: God Save the Queen
Design by Jamie Reid. “An archetypal image for an archetypal single.”
Photograph: Soul Jazz Books

Crass, Nagasaki Nightmare

Punk record covers: Punk record covers crass
Crass: Nagasaki Nightmare
Art and design by Crass. “Crass record sleeves were a mine of information, illustration and agit-prop design”
Photograph: Soul Jazz Books

Punk record covers scritti politti

Punk record covers: Punk record covers scritti politti
Scritti Politti: Work in Progress 2nd Peel Session
“A fantastically influential sleeve, which includes a detailed breakdown of the cost of production.”
Photograph: Soul Jazz Books

The Panik, It Won't Sell

Punk record covers: Punk record covers the panik
The Panik: It Won’t Sell
Design by Steve McGarry. “The image of hustlers is from a 1964 Time magazine. The Panik were the first group to be managed by future Joy Division and New Order manager Rob Gretton.”
Photograph: Soul Jazz Books

The Middle Class, Out of Vogue

Punk record covers: Punk record covers the middle class
The Middle Class, Out of Vogue
“A great illustration of the suburban nightmare.”
Photograph: Soul Jazz Books

Orgasm_Addict_Live Buzzcocks

Punk record covers: punk record covers Buzzcocks
Buzzcocks, Orgasm Addict
Montage by Linder Sterling, design by Malcolm Garrett. “I worked with Linder Sterling when we produced a magazine called The Secret Public. From the first moment I saw her work, I was a huge fan, and very pleased to work with her. I also love the colour that Malcolm Garrett put behind the central image, which is so striking. It’s a feminist image on a pop record sleeve for a song about sexual excess, which manages to be at once extremely true and also very funny.”
Photograph: Soul Jazz Books

Subway Sect, Nobodys Scared Picture cover

Punk record covers: punk record covers subway sect
Subway Sect: Nobody’s Scared
“Their first single, a good example of the underground imagery prevalent in punk.”
Photograph: Soul Jazz Books

Punk record covers: Punk record covers punk 45 book cover Available on Amazon and other outlets

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Tear Up (5 minute interview)

With The Great Skinhead Reunion looming we dropped into Jamie from Tear Up to see how things were cooking, so here’s a 5 minute interview

tear up 2

Whilst looking for new bands to introduce to the skinhead world, i came across Tear Up last year, and after a brief chat with the singer Jamie, sussed out, he had the right attitude and decided to give them a whirl at the Great Skinhead Northern gathering, an event which i thought might intimidate a young band, being in the deep dark north East town of Sunderland, home of British ship building and strong working class community, but they rode it like professionals and brought the house down. Apprenticeship served, they are up for smashing the fuck out of the Brighton Skinhead Reunion.

Takes me right back to early Cockney Rejects with a touch of Peter and The Test Tube Babies

1. the first thing that jumped in my mind when i saw Tear Up was, why would a young bloke be into oi?
Well I grown up always loving the cockney rejects and I have known Jon from argy bargy and Nick from angry agenda since I was really little so they got me hooked on the oi scene I love the passion and aggression behind it

2. why did you decide to form a band
I wrote a few songs in prison and when I came out I tried giving them to Terry Hayes from the east end badoes but he said I should start my own band so got on stage with them a few times then started my own band

3. where are you from, whats your history and connection to the oi/ skinhead scene
Im from watford I was a bit of a scallywag growing up but I got a my little boy Ronnie now the only thing I love more than the band as I said previously there is a few bands out of Watford u go to a gig talk to people and your network just gets bigger and bigger

4. who writes for tear up
I write all the stuff for us I co wrote a song with Steve thurlow from Peckham Rolex and I am currently writing a song with John mundy from vicious rumours top bloke he is

5. what was your first song
My first song was bollocks to the smoking ban

6. what was your first gig, and the highlight so far
My first gig was angry agenda nicks birthday at some club in Watford I was so nervous I pace up and down and drive everyone mad lol we played 4 songs I think

7. whats the plan for 2016 -2017
Just gotta finish recording the album and get it out there hopefully get a few gigs over the water

have you released any material for people to buy
We have a 5 track ep called fuckin av it I’m sure we will have a couple kicking about in Brighton

9. why did you ask to play the skinhead reunion, a tough crowd to please
We played the northern gathering and people loved us not as tough as they look lol I had lost my voice as well I’m pretty sure you asked us when we had all them jager bombs
10. can we expect new material from tear up soon
We have 3 New songs called dodgy Dave, punch the cunt out of you inspired by the YouTube video cockney rejects trouble at bridgehouse and another song called retribution .

See u all in a few weeks

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King Hammond and The Rude Boy Mafia confirmed for the Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton

Legends of British Ska, King Hammond and The Rude Boy Mafia confirmed for the Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton.

skinhead reunion 2016 dj flyer

As we like to have a real mixed genre bag every day of the Great Skinhead Reunion, We are pleased to announce King Hammond will be hot tailing down to Brighton for our Sunday night Knees up session, to play out 2016.

* Nick played his first professional (paid!) gig in July 1977 at The Roxy Club in London where his band The Dead shared a bill with Cocksparrer & Dead Fingers Talk. The same week he was pictured on the front of the Melody Maker under the headline “Teds Versus Punks”!

Continue reading King Hammond and The Rude Boy Mafia confirmed for the Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton
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‘they are heavy at the same time it is very melodic and well played shit so i think anyone who is not too one-way-minded would appreciate their songs’ … Adelina, Sweden

What the industry says

Updates for 2016, Mindofalion have been busy in the studio, releasing an EP to critical acclaim, they immediately secured a play listing for BBC introducing, and have been inundated with live shows. Smashing the Brighton scene wide open they are very pleased to announce a series of Major UK Festivals 

The wheel keeps rolling… After the success of our Sell out EP launch leading to Machina being played on BBC Sussex for BBC Introducing (link below) we are now very proud to announce we will be playingY Not Festival!! Editors, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, our friends at Madness, our favourite band The Hives are headlining and we are playing alongside our friends SAFE TO SWIM, Thyla, Atlas Wynd, Penelope Isles, MANC BOYS Duke Mercury,The Rocking Horse Club, SEATS… You get the picture. A lot of amazing talent.

Buy a ticket on the YNOT website. More news to come…

Listen to Machina 

Soundcloud link

mindofalion Ynot Festival
Mindofalion EP launch

Top night last night for the Mindofalion EP launch. Which should be on all platforms in a couple of days?!
To all the bro’s and sisters that made it. Love you all. @palmpleasures Atlas Wynd Penelope Isles — with Harry Sotnick, Jack Looker, Jack Sowton, Jack Brewis-Lawes, Lily Wolter, Sam Evans and Jack Wolter.

When’s it going to stop? So to remind ourselves… Sell out EP (THANKS EVERYONE!), BBC Sussexand BBC Introducing play Machina on national radio, Origin EP gets released on all major platforms – a first for Mindofalion, then we reveal we are performing Y Not Festival… Now we are pleased to announce we will be playing Truck Festival!!

Mindofalion Truck fest

2016 sees another band members shuffle, and in comes Sam on Bass guitar, to really lift the live shows, to another level of excitement, Think along the lines of Tim Commerford and you know what to expect from Sams stage performance

mindofalion Sam


2014 tour 


 Autumn 2014.

M.O.A.L Hit the road for a UK tour. From Manchester in the North to the Deep south

music download 

 Into 2015 Together with the regular UK shows, M.O.A.L are proud to announce, they have been invited to perform in Stockholm, Sweden. Making this the first international performance. 

Event Details Pet Sounds Bar, Stockholm 17th April 

Maximum Volume music‘……… Brighton based three piece MindOfALion are a new name on the landscape. What you need to know for now is they do a nice line in alternative rock. Tracks like “Monopoly” have a big sound and they are evidently a little different to the usual. Single “Zia Ground” is an interesting song and the band, built around the Brewis-Lawes brothers, Archie and Jack, are clearly driven. Archie’s guitar playing is impressive and when they really let go they are at their best.

Into 2014 Great news Mind of a lion have teamed up with Gullwing USA, with a second video being shot with Mind of a Lion track ‘Conflict’ being overdubbed, lets hope to see this great British band entertaining out cousins in the sunshine

Self motivated musicians expressing their state of mind through a raw, organic and poetic sound. Energy and influence through drums, bass, guitar and vocals.

At a very young age the brothers traveled around India,  witnessing the poverty that we don’t experience in our world. People begging in front of their god’s temples, different mind sets, ancient beliefs & the segregation and conflict caused by religion. They use music to express their own thoughts and state of mind, influenced from these early experiences and blend the two to form Mindofalion, write songs to reflect their own life experience. Experimenting and developing, think of the verve, white stripes. but with a new 2014 energy

Check out the new music coming through, with a new direction, in the battle to achieve that stand alone sound

mind of a lion


what the press says 

Brighton,  music blog, Press party


Mind of a lion have been busy writing new material, gigging and would like to announce a new member on bass. Henna


Based in Brighton , England

This hard hitting band are very difficult to pigeon hole, although its clear to see a certain Rage Against the Machine influence. in their early tracks, the stuff coming through in 2014 is in a new direction, showing strong versatility, as the trio find their own individual sound . Mind of a Lion has a definite London working class feel, with an edge of Grime mixed in, but with elements of the verve and white stripes. The first thing that shocks, is the age of the lads when they turn out such a high level performance of well written songs, fully charged live performance. Most young bands tend to follow whatever is popular at the time, but Mind of a Lion seem to be more interested in the message in their music, than being the ‘rock star’.

“Music should have a message” Archie BL

archie studio

As young lads, brothers Archie and Jack had a children’s tree camp in nearby woods, one day the whole area was cordoned off by police and terrorist material was discovered, which lead to the banning of all bottles on Aeroplanes. Perhaps subconsciously this had a great influence on Archie’s song writing. The First Demo album is entitled ‘Peace through aggression’ which is a direct reference to the life of young people in the 21st century. Living a backdrop of the war on terrorism, with Governments theory of war will create peace.

Co Writers- Archie Brewis-Lawes

& Jack Brewis-Lawes

Storming the stage as the opening band to 2012 Rebellion Festival

Definitely destined for the big time, Mind of a lion are the future of the British underground.

jack on drums, mind of a lion

live in Brixton, London

Check out their songs: Monopoly, Obstacle, Zia Origin.

This is the new punk rock/indie/alternative.

previously known as the Monacles

Into 2014 Great news Mind of a lion have teamed up with Gullwing USA, with a second video being shot with Mind of a Lion track ‘Conflict’ being overdubbed, lets hope to see this great British band entertaining out cousins in the sunshine

Mind of a Lion are two brothers, Jack and Archie, with female band member Henna. Touring the UK in 2014, fighting the never ending battle for recognition. They started life as musicians at 12 years old, writing a full album of material. this is a video, made by them at that age

written in 2007, by the boys, then aged 12 years old ‘Reliegion’