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Another Chance (Czech Republic)

Another Chance is Czech street-ska-punk since 2010. Home town of Another Chance is Bruntál. Bruntál is at northeast of Czech republic – at Silesia. Band is four members: Tommy – sing, lyrics, music and lead guitar, Jakub – bass guitar, Petr – trumpet and second vocals and Pavel – drums. Band is formed in part on former members of no idle ska band Náhradní Program. We play fusion between classic punk-rock and ska. Lyrics are primarily about entertainment, us, our future, and last but not least, about drinking. There is no politics as in other Czech bands. We are behind about 20 concerts in Silesia. We have a young, cheerful band always head upwards. We are not pure skinhead band, but we are punks and skinheads in one. Bands Perkele and Stomper 98 are our largest models, but we do not copy anyone, our style is ours and it is different than any other band.

Here is a link to our music profile at Czech music server and profile at Facebook: Here is our Youtube channel: At this sites you can find our music, pictures, movies and lyrics. We are Czech band, so our lyrics are in Czech language. We would like to greet all the listeners oi! and ska around the world. Oi! to the World. Be happy and proud, thanks, Tommy, Another Chance