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Glammy Gal Tattoo, Mexico

Well, i definitely was in love with drawing and graphic arts since i was a little girl, so, art does exist in my life since my childhood. I did schooling in Fashion Design, so when i moved to México D.F. the center of México Country in 2006, i met some people involved in the tattoo art. With another 4 skinheads we started “Upsetter Tattoo Shack” in downtown of México City in December 2009, was a great time learning about tattoo art and mixing it with the skinhead subcult. Now the guys are separated and with different ways, but still tattooing, like me.

I’m originally from Guadalajara city, the 2nd city by importance in México, but i lived at different places around México, and now i’m living at the coast, inna beach named “Barra de Navidad”; a beautiful spot in Jalisco, where every year a lot of canadians and americans comes to have a good time with sun, beers and beach. I’m here since 2010 and i really love my place; i have work, friends, my boyfriend and serenity every time i need.

I started my project of a tattoo shop with clothes and mexican kitsch handcrafts, the name is “Old Skull” referred by the Old School, the good times when everything started and the Mexican Sugar Skulls, that visitors from another countries loves because they’re so mexican, and traditionals in México from the “Dia de Muertos” at November 2nd. Our icon is a Mexican Sugar Skull with moustache, a glass of tequila and a big cigarette, sarape and hat, doing his thing haha.

 Well, in the beach doesn’t exist a skinhead scene, i’m the only skinhead girl over there, but i’m happy with my friends who are rastas and my boyfriend who are skater. My music and love for my way of live follow me to every place i’m. In my city, Guadalajara, are a little new scene of young guys from 17 to 22 years very involved in the Jamaican music and skinhead style, but i’m feel older sometimes haha, (i’m 25) because i’m skinhead since i was 16 years, so, sometimes i get bored with the same things, do u know?

When i lived at México City, i had the opportunity to see many international Dj’s and artists from Jamaica and many places of the world, like Alfonso & Lola Diez (Torpedo 17) from Spain, Ryan White from San Francisco, Ca., Mr. Symarip Roy Ellis, Granadians from Granada, Spain, The Selecter, Desmond Dekker, Tommy Rock-A-Shacka from Japan, Mighty Ash Aquarius from UK, and many more that i can’t remember at this time.

25 years old, proud Skinhead Girl since 2002, 9 Years and counting, and i really can’t imagine myself as another person, with different choices, because Jamaican music mainly, smart clothes and beer are following me since i put my first pair of Dr. Marten’s when i was a little girl.

I’m skinhead because after the choice by fashion or influence, it becomes to be part of your life, your ideas and identity. Now sometimes i get mad with some girls & boys who started in the “fashion way” because internet is the easier way to get the groove, but i remember the first persons that i met, like Rose from Colombia, Helena from Catalunya, Chema from México City and Iván from Guadalajara, because they was my first skinhead friends, and internet still didn’t exist, if u needed to make an article for a zine, u wrote letters from the other side of world and waited 3 weeks to get the answer. It was very tasty; wake up in the ,morning and see the postman in your door, knocking with a pack from UK or Spain in his hand. Now all is easier, but still have known good people around the world, like u Symond.

Thanx a lot for the space in Subcultz. com, thanx for keeping the torch alive, my best wishes from México, the dub side of the world. xoxo 

If you are lucky enough to visit the beautiful Mexico, go find Glammy Gal and get some ink. she can be found smiling at her shop. Address is: Gomez Farías Street 59-3 in downtown of San Patricio, Melaque, Jalisco.

Atte: Johanna Glammy Gal*