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Cryo- Genics

Cryo – Genics, Been in and around the Punk scene for a bloody long time but only got our arses in gear to play recently. After a few false starts with various other people and their instruments Sid finally met Ruby at an English Dogs gig and the new and improved Cryo-Genics was born. Along with Col, our ace drummer boy and Ernie our bass player we’ve been playing together since January 2010 and have played with some mint bands including Disharge, Broken Bones, The Fiend and Sick on the Bus. We’re always on the lookout for gigs and already have some ace ones lined up for 2010. We’ll pretty much play anywhere. We’re completely DIY and fucking love it that way. We’ve just recorded a new live demo which is now up on our page. It’s full of mistakes, feedback and attitude but doesn’t have a bass. For us, it’s all about the music we love and being part of it. Make sure you come and have a drink with us, we’ll be at the fucking bar 🙂 Cheers, Ruby x ..