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On Trial (USA)

On Trial started with two Oi! fanatics, Ben and Wes, in January/February of 2007 in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. The first two songs written were Friend or Foe and Unionize. They went about one year without a bass player until it dawned on them to just teach Sarah, a mutual friend at the time, to learn bass since she was at every band practice anyway. They played three shows with Sarah and she ended up being their first official bass player. The band finished their first full length titled “Thirty Years Too Late” referring to how their vintage sound could have fit in well with other late ’70s and early ’80s Oi! bands. Shortly after the release of their CD, they released their first E.P. titled “Underage & Full of Rage.” This title referred to how they were all under 21 at the time and how they got picked off by the cops while drinking and driving. About 6 months passed and Sarah left the band, moved to Pittsburgh, then later joined the military. Ben and Wes were once again out of luck with a bass player. There were a few tryouts but nothing really stuck. They couldn’t find anyone as influenced by early British Oi! as them and so they pressed on without a bassist. A year and a half went by without any shows or a bassist until they considered letting Zach try out. Zach tried out and he became On Trial’s new bassist. Since Zach joined the band, they recorded two full lengths, one in 2009 titled, “Falling Down” and one in 2010 titled, “Today America, Tomorrow the World.” Another release they were proud to be a part of was Boots and Booze’s first compilation release titled, “East Coast Oi! Attack Vol. 1” featuring On Trial, Maddog Surrender, Vanguard and The Hooliganz. Throughout their four years of existence they’ve played with bands such as Hub City Stomers, Stigma, The Toasters, Oxblood, Stomper 98, The Templars and many more. They are still looking for venues and bands to play with regularly.
Thanks to the few people who supported us through the years by booking us shows, buying our merch. and believing in us.
-Wes 3/21/2011

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