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Broken Heroes (USA)

GenreHardcore Punk
MembersScotty Violence: Vocals
Tim Blank : Lead Guitar
Broken Joe Martin : Drums
Andy Skovran : Bass
Pete Hero: Rhythm Guitar
HometownFilthy New Jersey
Record labelD.I.Y.
AboutFor show info, bookings & Samples of our music you can find us on myspace!
DescriptionNew Jersey Oi!
BiographyFormed in 1991, the BROKEN HEROES are a New Jersey based band. Once complete, they hit the ground running. Playing many shows and shutting down most of those shows. The aggression that you expect from an oi!-punk band was prominant in BROKEN HEROES. It was a time when punk was still only cool to those that really loved it. (Not the whole entire friggin commercial world!) “The Pipeline”, in Newark …See more
Current LocationEast Coast, U.S.A.
General managerMatt Bastard
Artists we also likeWe support local & national acts
InfluencesEach member of BROKEN HEROES comes from their own unique background, thus mixing a broad spectrum of musical interest & influence.
Booking agentBroken Heroes can be reached via E-mail, or through the myspace account

Likes and interests

LikesCommon People RecordsBrass City Boss SoundsThe Roadside Bombs,The Genuine ArticleArmed SuspectsOi! the Boat Records,Rickenbacker bassesDistress NJHCMurphy’s LawCrave Case
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