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The Road Crew

captain sensible on tour

The road crew. hours of back ache, sore neck, sweaty armpits, 20 hours, an average day, drive. drive and drive all day, to get to a grubby venue and set up for 3pm soundcheck, a quick shower and a bit of food if you’re lucky, a 30 min kip in some backroom on a 2 seater sofa, a bowl of crisps and a sausage roll, doors at 7 and the excited people arrive,

The pre nerves of the band, our job some story telling, and plenty of laughs. On they go to great applause, while we stand behind the curtain, keeping an eye on the guitarists leads. More in the monitor, take the light from the face. the rooms filling up, thats all that matters.

The set you’ve heard a thousand times, even your favourite is beginning to burn the ear drums. but the band play, as if its their first ever gig. the crowd pissed up and jumping about, 45 mins and off for a break, the crowd cheer for their favourite song, another 15 mins and its time for work to begin again.

Rip off the the set list, stuck to the floor, and chuck to some smiling fans, to make their day,Unplug the leads, the amps and the lights, load them in and roll them out, into the van quick as you can, lets try and get at least one beer for the night. off to a fine art, we pack it all away, then into the back stage to see who’s still there. the fridge is empty, just a couple of apples and a half eaten loaf of bread. no one else there, the parties all gone. 3am, we need to be up at 6, to do it all again

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