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I claim my self as Skinhead Indonesia

I claim my self as Skinhead.

In early 90’s, it was the begun of our punk/skinhead scene, and it’s very hard to get stuff from abroad, like europe, usa or somewhere.
some people got from abroad, because they had went from there, like for working or studied there. and they back to indonesia, and spread the stuff. and we copied it hand by hands to friends.
and we did not got many information about punk/skinhead, so we must find it by ourself. because no internet at that time here.which are your favourite bands

all bands with positive lyrics, and great musicwhat do your family think about you being involved.

no problem with that, they know i running online shop, and i’m selling skinhead clothing.

i live in bintaro, closer place to jakarta.

Tell me about the religion in indonesia and how that effects the skinhead scene

its not really effects. we don’t have problem with that. me for example, i’m protestant, i go to church every Sunday with my family.
for us in scene, religion is our choice.
about case in aceh, its different, Aceh have special laws, in their provinces. they do Syariat Islam there. because the citizens want Syariat Islam there. so they thought, being punk is bad, and it’s western culture.did you go to see the Last Resort,when they played there?Of course i went. me and my friends was bring the last resort to play to Indonesia. you can ask them about us. we have great memories with them. good mates! and really humble!

what would you like to tell the worldwide scene about indonesia and your friends

Indonesia scene is great!! Punk, Skins, HC kids, Metal, etc so many here, spreading in many cities, and proviences. come and enjoy with our scene.
and that is my point of view about indonesia scene.

Oi! Oi!

PS: sorry with my english, please edit my english words.

Thankyou from England, i think its amazing that the skinhead , punk and many Subcultures have found there way to Indonesia. Keep the Faith