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What a fantastic Skinhead reunion we  have achieved every year since 2011. The numbers rose to over 700, to make it a packed house. People were welcomed from across the globe, and everyone had a ball. The Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton will be back 1-2-3 JUNE 2018. Tickets Here

The Great Skinhead Reunion is now on its 8th year, a 3day weekender. People young and old come to Brighton from across the planet, to celebrate the Skinhead Subculture. The Event starts at noon each day. Dj’s playing the very best in Skinhead history music, from the early days of Jamaican Reggae and Soul, through punk, 2tone Ska and Oi!. After 6pm Live bands hit the stage to perform until midnight, then back onto aftershow DJ’s.

This is a family event, set on Brighton seafront, At the Volks bar, Madeira Drive, Brighton. The same place used in the filming of Quadrophenia, the beach that put Skinheads on the world map in the 1960’s Mod era, all are welcome. you dont need to be a Skinhead. Under 18’s are welcome until 9.30 due to licencing issues.Bands so far confirmed for 2018 Monty Neysmith (Symarip) Legend of Jamaican ReggaeThe Glory (Leicesters finest Oi)

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Bands so far confirmed for 2018

The Last Resort

Monty Neysmith and The bishops (Symarip legend of Jamaican Reggae)

The Glory (Leicesters finest Oi!)

Dakka Skanks ( modern but authentic Ska rocksteady)

Martens Army (Germany)

more TBC

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Bands to be confirmed for the Great Skinhead Reunion 2018 …

DJ’s confirmed for  2018OLAS, Barry Bmore George, Lee Evans,  Martin long,Terry Dyatt, Phil Templar (New York),  Gabor Fuxy (Dublin)  Luc Milan (Marseilles), Glyn Wilcox, Holly Dee


The Skinhead Reunion An ode to be in England, Sat beside the sea, With friends the world over, Enjoying everyone’s company. A Brighton blast, that went fast, This years reunion is in our past, Beer was drunk in excess, We scoffed our faces full, The bands & dj’s played their sounds, 3 days of living it up, ’twas never dull. Oh how we laughed & jumped about, Sharing stories as a SKINHEAD lout,

The sun was shining, the mood was great, We stared at the stars, Until it got very late, The friends we made, The ones we’ve not seen in years Laughing, living & chatting, Over quite a few beers We opened our eyes, To the greatest cult alive Comrades in arms, all under one roof, Skinheads together, the reunion is proof, Happy & jolly like kids with a new toy, The young & the old ones, All jumping for joy. Another reunion as passed We leave with our sad faces, On trains, buses, planes & cars, All going home to our places, But do not fear, this time next year, They have organised another Make your plans, shine your boots So we can stand side by side like sister & brother Amen Oi Oi

Adrian Lee Noon 

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