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Skinhead attacked in Ramsgate UK

Colin Harvey aged 47 was attacked on his way home, late Friday night/Saturday morning 1am  1st November 2014

All he knows of The attackers, was a group late teens about 5 or 6 of them, Chatham Court, Station Approach road, Ramsgate. 

Sherina ‘Rena’ Burke says.  One lad was about 6.2 the others about 5.6 /5.7 about 1am yesterday morning
Don’t know if, or who  who’s dealing with it at the Police station, as we left about midday so he could get cleaned up and have a sleep. Not even sure he was going to proceed with dealing with the old bill !
Oh and his wallet was missing too.

Locals we think, but Colin didn’t recognise any of them. The poor neighbour phoned the police, but was too frightened to open the door as she was elderly, I’m sure some one will find out something as they are bound to brag to the wrong person !! Colin’s spirits remained high, he had us all laughing, not sure if I’d have been so upbeat, I’m glad they didn’t knock that out of him. What a trooper !

This attack happened feet from his door 6 youths (late teens) were sat on the steps leading to his door he asked them to move and they attacked like a pack of animals ..he has remained in good spirits and still has his sense of humour, even after cracked ribs, Broken nose, fractured jaw, missing teeth, two black eyes and a large shoe print bruise across his face x
Been a skinhead since his teens not that it makes a difference !!

Skinhead for Life

Colin is well liked, born and lived his whole life here, has had the girls arriving in droves yesterday with beer baccy soup etc. Colin is a regular attender of skinhead events, and is a big ska and oi fan, one of the crowd. He was wearing one of our Great Skinhead Reunion Shirts, So this is an attack on all of us. Do your bit for a brother

Anyone in the area, can you please post this around. The lads are probably boasting, and could be local. 

Ramsgate , is situated on the South East coast of England in Kent, quite a run down area, and is mainly recognised as a major ferry port for Europe. A close knit local community, but does attract alot of transient people. If you saw, or know anything, lets help to get justice for Colin.

If you have any info, please let us know,or contact  Kent police on 101

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