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Bashing the Mods

It was a Sunny bank holiday Monday, early 80s , the early birds were gathering on Gt Yarmouth seafront …..we were just having a little wander seeing who was about and looking forward to some beers later and generally making our presence felt all day….so when we came across a small group of Mods I decided to have a go ,unfortunately for HIM I had brogues on which meant each kick would’ve hurt twice as much Bless him I gave him a right kicking and eventually he managed to runaway crying …….. a footnote to this story is that 30 years later I met my partner Drewy and one day quite out of the blue he says …I’ve just remembered a small blonde skinhead girl kicking shit out of a Mod on Britainia pier one bank holiday ….was that you ??? he was such an event he had stored it in his archive

Sindy Aldershot Skingirl

1965 in Aldershot Hampshire
Ashill, a rural village in norfolk ..the only skinhead in the village
In 1978
seemed to be overlooked as a kid and never got credit for doing well always felt that I didnt belong so became a Skinhead to fit in with the kids Id met in Newmarket when I visited my sister ….they took me in accepted me as one of them …before long was skipping schools to go to Newmarket 38 miles from where I lived …I accepted the rebel role it gave me an identity
originally it was two tone and oi ..but progressed to Trojan ….although these days I prefer Northern soul
highpoint ?? being part of something finally fitting in.
Low point, realising my glue habit had taken over and that I was wasting away.

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