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Subcultz respond on Racism insults

March 11, 2019

Subcultz is a webzine, blog and music promotions page for music and fashion subculture

Hi Symond,

I hope you´re well.

I´ve got questions to you and the band because of people who have given me information about Dakka Skanks have played or wanted to play which some close to the far right oi-bands in Germany.

First, I´m no friend of rumours, thats why I´m asking you direct, and I would be happy to get information of your point of view (and of course the rest of the band, too) about making concerts together with so called apolitical bands. You have to know, that in Germany there is a quite big gap between apolitical people (doesn´t matter which haircut they have or music they are listening) and antifascist people (same). And in most of the cases, where bands and people call themselves apolitical, they use it as en excuse for asshole behaviour like being sexist to women/gays, reproducing everyday racism slogans or just being afraid to loose some of theire white-man-privileges.

The Tommyhaus – the place where we wants to make the concert – is an antifascist (formerly) squatted house with no space for discrimminating behaviour inside, and I think that´s quite a good thing. Because of these upcoming roumors and the insecurity they spread, it would be very helpfull to get an personal answer from the people which are effected by them (Dakka Skanks).

The concerts we make are organized in a collective way, so I need the acceptance of the whole crew in our place for the concert.

I hope you understand my point of view and my situation and please be polite with my german-english. If there are questions about, please feel free to ask.

Greez, Bodo

hi Bodo

That is absolutely ridiculous for many reasons
1. Clara the singer is mixed race, African Irish, This is a song Dakka Skanks have written and on the first album released last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBfgvgna-UI
2. We are headlining one of the biggest left wing anti racist events in England Called Glastonwick run by attila the stockbroker https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attila_the_Stockbroker
3. Dakka Skanks are part of the Roundhouse emerging artists programme in London and Joe Strummer foundation, set up to help inner city kids into live music, most of which are of multi racial back grounds https://www.roundhouse.org.uk/young-creatives/

Poly Styrene of Xray Spex, Symond Lawes and barry George

4. I used to manage Xray Spex and Poly Styrene who founded Rock against Racism. this is a gig i did with poly styrene when i managed her, the biggest anti racist show in london for decades https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nJiJI3d83o
5. Spider Johnson produced the bands album, who is jamaican and is with lee perry band, kioko who are part of love music hate racism, who dakka are playing with http://www.irresponsiblerecordings.com/roster/spider-j/
6 This is a gig Subcultz produced for love music hate racism in 2018 https://giglist.com/events/love-music-hate-racism-kioko-dakka-skanks-at-the-hope-ruin
7 , As their manager and someone that’s been involved in music and punk /skinhead subculture since 1978 i am hated by the far right and far left, purely because i will not support or sanction extremes and divide, if you watch this documentary you will see me with my friend Barry ( a black guy) talking about our experience of racism within skinhead world https://www.soul-source.co.uk/videos/view-1313-bbc-the-story-of-skinhead-don-letts-documentary/
8 As a band Dakka Skanks want no connection to politics and organised groups, Fascism is just not part of the band, and we want nothing to do with it, or any extremist groups. Sadly because we have a skinhead ska fan base, some confuse this with political groups that use the word skinhead, but there is no connection to any of us
Whoever is spreading this rumour has absolutely no knowledge as all of the band or our organisation, if anything Dakka Skanks are very firmly Anti Racist in life
Please reply ASAP

The Great Skinhead Reunion 2018 BBQ

Hey bodo Clara here, from Dakka Skanks I can’t believe what i am hearing, someone is sending you messages about my band wanting to play with right band. The only thing i can think of, is we got offered to play a festival in Germany; we said yes. But i then looked at the line up and said fuck! We cannot play this, i do not want to play with backwards bands! So we pulled out. our mistake for not looking before confirming, but i can assure you that you do not need to worry. All my life i have been a victim of racism due to being mixed race. And i am not now or ever having someone calling me racist. I don’t know what this person has against my band haha but i hope you feel confident for dakka to come and play, because i love what you do! Hope to hear back from you Clara xx

Hi Symond, hi Clara,

we had a long time diskussion about the topic and after all we made the final conclusion, that we will cancel the concert. It´s sad, because we don´t have the impression, that Dakka Skanks is a right wing band or something like that. But we have a problem with your kind of networking under the subcultz-label. There had various bands played at your concerts like e.g. Great Skinhead Reunion, which are unacceptable for us, such as Martens Army, Stomper 98 and Sindicato Oi!. These bands do exactly all the stuff, I mentioned in my first e-mail as reasons, why I don´t like fancewalking bands. And as long as subcultz is part of a scene which gives bands like them possibilities to play, we – and that are the people from the venue Schicksaal-Tommyhaus together with Offbeat Xplosion – don´t want to  get connected with that. And that´s why we cancel the invitation.

So, I excuse myself for asking you to play and bringing up all these waves. Normally I hav a closer look before asking, but in this case I just believed in my friends opinion and that´s why the situation is now like that.

I wish you a good life and perhaps you think about, which bands you will let play at your concerts. And if not – just go on like you wants.


It’s ok from my point of view that you cancel a gig, but it’s really not ok to publicly accuse me of supporting racism, or bands that support racism. My history is very open and well known. I am shocked after I showed you just a sample of what I have done personally, that you still felt the need to issue a personal insult

Symond ,

Hi Symond,
I never wrote anywhere something about racism. But if we cancel a concert it’s just fair to tell the people why. I wrote the same stuff on FB like I wrote to you. Not a word about racism. Don’t know, where you heard that.
—– Ursprüngliche Nachricht —–
Von: Subcultz
Gesendet: 11. März 2019 20:10
An: bodo
Betreff: Re: Dakka skanks Berlin

You wrote that subcultz supports and books racist bands. The only bands subcultz  ( which is me and my business )

Manages only 2 bands, which are dakka skanks and Symarip pyramid, who are Jamaican men in their 70’s. You have caused fear and division with Dakka who have now took my name off of the Facebook band page. And have potentially put us in a very bad light and situation. I gave you a full explanation of who we are, yet you still chose to blacken me and my name all over the Internet, that needs a big apology from you publicly and a full explanation of who and why you came to this realisation. I am probably one of the most well known skinheads in the world. And it’s very easy to find out facts. I am not, and have never been involved in extremism, racism or hate. As a promoter of events I try to bring the scene together. I am absolutely clear I do not support neo Nazi or communist sympathisers, having visited places like the concentration camps of Germany, the killing fields of Cambodia. Israel, Laos. My friends who suffered the civil war of Northern Ireland. I grew up in a very multi racial area near London, and take these insults very personally.
Pathetic punk / skinhead badge wearing bullshit is completely
Banned from any event I do, anyone buying a ticket is told that in receipt, I make it very clear any bands involved are not welcome. So those bands that do exist make alternative events. This division which started in the U.K. in the mid 80’s has destroyed this scene worldwide. Completely Dead in the U.K. And me
As Subcultz started the skinhead reunion to remember my very dear dead friends. We pretty much relaunched skinheads in the U.K.
In 2011, and now there are events all over the country, the mass majority of those that were around in the 80’s are firmly against the extremism and division that destroyed our scene. As for Germany I have no idea who or how you do your stuff.
Dakka skanks just want to play ska music and have fun. I as their manager want the same thing. You mentioned three bands dakka and me
Wanted to play with. None of which they have. But of those bands I know two of them personally . Stomper 98 are the biggest oi band in Germany,
I know them as good lads, they asked to play the reunion one year, but due to some bad communication on travel arrangement  it was cancelled, Phil Templar is a doctor in New York and is black. Lars frederickson is a highly successful Californian punk, I have only ever met him once while on tour with cock sparrer, but have had phone conversation when we were planning to have his band old firm casuals play the skinhead reunion
If he had nazi leanings he would not have made a penny, and never been signed to an American mainstream label. The rest of the band I have had a beer with at Badalona when they played there, i have seen them at Rebellion and Punk and Disorderly Germany. Are you calling those events ‘Nazi sympathisers’ as well. Because I can introduce you to Marc at PnD or Daz Russell at Rebellion, and I am sure they will put you straight.
Sindicato Oi! are from Brazil, I met them personally before booking, I met their family and friends. Members of the band are South American indigenous, a punk and a psychobilly hairdresser. The drummer has a Jewish wife, and their service was performed as a Jewish wedding. They, like me have no knowledge of the German Oi scene and just like to play.
As for Martens Army. An online oi shop asked could one of their bands play? They had no political merchandise on their shop, no reference at all to extremism. So we did agree for a short time for them to play. The internet warriors started and I then spoke to various Germans labels and people
I knew, some said they did get in bother due to these issues you are now creating. It was agreed from both sides for them not to play.
Dakka Skanks were asked to play a festival with Roy Ellis headlining, as they have played already with Monty Neysmith Symarip members, supported Skatalites, Madness, Stranger Cole and Nev Staple, it was a further opportunity to play with a legend. But once again German political drama got involved, so we cancelled the event. As I explained earlier
We, which includes subcultz and me, and any band I work with have no connection at
All to extremism. You have never met me, and clearly do not do your homework.
I want a full and public apology from you, and your organisation
On Thu, 14 Mar 2019 at 13:36, <skaburp@freenet.de> wrote:


The more I read about you and the bands you let play at your festival, the more I feel confirmed that we cancelled the concert. Here two links for your information. I think, in your opinion it´s everything just apolitical or you did not know this or is just fake….

Have a nice life and please don´t answer anymore



They are made of false reports made by an anonymous website, the photo they have of me on stage was when i was on holiday, the band were supporting Lions Law in Sao Paulo, and i was asked to come on stage and join in a song called Chaos.

I am currently looking into legal proceedings for defamation, slander and assault. Please send me your company details and names of directors



this is the second demand not to answer anymore.


Subcultz Presents Nev Staple live in Brighton 2018

Hey guys, we canceled the concert of Dakka Skanks. The reason for this is the booking policy of subcultz – the label of Dakka Skanks – who unfortunately are not afraid to play bands from the gray / brown zone at their concerts. And since you can not get Dakka Skanks without subcultz, we have solved the cooperation. In the Schicksaal-Tommyhaus in general and of course also in the Offbeat Xplosion we have no desire to work with people who do that kind of thing.
Of course we will soon announce a new band here.
Greez – Your Offbeat Xplosion Crew


Stomper 98

Subcultz would just like to say that Stomper 98 or Martens Army have never played the Great Skinhead Reunion, however Stomper have Phil Templar a black doctor from USA on the drums and Lars Frederickson on Guitar of Rancid. So how they can be accused of far right activity is beyond me.

Symond of Subcultz is currently managing Dakka Skanks and the Jamaican legends Pyramids

barry , symond and alvin at the great skinhead reunion, brighton

The History Of Skinheads BBC TV, Barry, Don Letts and Symond Lawes of Subcultz

Backstage at Madness House of Commons

Symond , Poly and Barry Xray Spex 2008

Symond Lawes and Poly Styrene of Xray Spex

Symond. Wycombe Skinheads with school mates 1981, Two Pakistanis and one Sri lankan school friends

Stuart Edema (Sri Lankan Skinhead) and Symond The Specials poster 1979

Chrissy Boy from Madness at Subcultz Love music hate racism show 2018 Brighton

Grade 2 played one of their first ever shows at The Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton

Symond with Frank and Monty of Symarip , the Great skinhead Reunion Brighton 2018


Genocide in Serejevo

Clara and Monty playing at a subcultz event 2018

dakka skanks at madness house of fun

mass genocide in Sarajevo

Dakka Skanks in Dublin,

The Great Skinhead Reunion, Brighton